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The Willson Company

The Willson Company specializes in consulting small to mid-size towns and their merchants in all facets of retail and restaurants' customer service, customer pyschographics, operations, financials and cash flow,  social media marketing, merchandising, best practices and staying relevant to today's changed economy and the customers'  new buying habits. Our combined experience of 85 years in retail and restaurants provide authenticity to our counseling.

Why us? What's in it for you? We are extraordinary people who have walked in your shoes for years. We made lots of mistakes, but we learned from them. Let us give you a candid, completely confidential assessment of your business's  strengths and weaknesses from a different perspective. Oh, by the way, we are affordable.

Hotline and support Engage us and call or email us any time for additional "nuggets" of advice or thoughts. 
One-on-one counseling We provide field-tested analysis, assessment, and re-implementation of your business plan and marketing plan. 
Small town assessments Our windshield assessment compares your town's amenities, attractions and tenant mix to 100's of other successful small towns similar to yours. 

Let's make it happen! Contact us today to set up a complimentary consultation.

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