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Staying Relevant to a Changed Customer

  • Overview of today’s economic climate
  • Harvard Business school study on how consumers change their buying habits with technology
  • Differentiation and Defining Your Customer
  • Retailing 101
  • Restaurateuring 101
  • Marketing and Social Media
  • Local events are a mainstay of small towns throughout the country
  • Merchants need to take full advantage of the bountiful influx of potential customers
  • Before the Event
  • Day of the Event
  • After the Event
  • General overview of best business practices
  • Windows, Signs and Visual Displays- Stewards of Your Brand
  • The customer’s experience is your brand
  • Outside the store and your physical plant
  • Window display do’s and don’ts
  • Merchandising Basics
  • Paco Underhill studies
  • Signs and Collateral Materials
  • Social Media and Internet Protocol
  • Restaurateurs- The Experience is Twice as Important as the Food
  • Opening checklist
  • Restaurant statistics
  • What customers want
  • What’s hot in 2014
  • Market Analysis
  • Merchandising and store layout
  • Financials and restaurant math
  • Marketing and Promotions
  • Social media for restaurateurs
  • From Bah Humbug to Booming Holiday Sales
  • Most important 8 weeks of the Year
  • Seven simple strategies
  • Educate the Community
  • Create a Strategy
  • Dress up your windows
  • Merchandise for the Holidays
  • Personalize the Experience
  • Focus on Customer Service
  • Market your Brand
  • Retaining new customers
  • Competing with Big Box Retailers
  • How to treat your customers
    • Choose and position your products
    • Build on community involvement
    • Create and communicate your niche
    • Make your business a shopping destination
    • Out maneuver on social platforms
    • Create a memorable experience for the customer
    • Add to your services
    • Doing Business in a GAFA World
    • Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple
    • 5 must haves for small businesses
    • Marketing Website
    • Business Facebook Page
    • Mobile enabled website
    • Review sites such as Yelp and Trip Advisor
    • Create a QR code
    • Interactive session on the how  to create a digital marketing campaign
    • Connect with your customer
    • Art as a Business
    • Dispelling the myths
  • Sell your art  without selling your soul
  • Define and engage your collector
  • Master merchandizing basics
  • Market and advertise your artwork
  • Build your brand
  • Create a social media presence
  • Embrace and understand the business side of selling your art
  • Artist statements
  • Business Plans

Food Biz 101

  • What is hot
  • So you’ve come up with the next great food product, now what?
  • How to get your product into varying distribution channels
  • Food labels and packaging
  • Financial norms
  • Sell you as much as you sell your product
  • Restaurants
  • Restaurant type definitions
  • What customers want, customer service tips
  • Location considerations
  • Rules and regulations
  • Hiring and managing the staff
  • Educating and attracting customers
  • Marketing

     Make It Happen All Year Long

  • Local Events
  • Be authentic
  • Traditional verses new media
  • Why concentrate your marketing to new visitors on new media
  • Google my business
  • Yelp and Trip Advisor
  • Do the basics all year long
  • The big three to get customers into your stores
  • Do something special
  • Create a buzz
  • Restaurant tips
  • Rethink your business

         Bricks and Mortar Retail- What now?

  • Three waves of retail
  • Omnichannel stores will thrive
  • The four must haves
  • Establish convenience
  • Personalized customer service
  • Boomers and Millennials
  • Pamper your existing customers
  • Take care of your employees
  • Use technology to your advantage
  • Be involved in your community
  • Make the experience memorable
  • Welcome to the new www.





The Tourism Industry has become an increasingly meaningful component for economic development in towns, counties, states, and even countries and territories around the globe as economies continue to change. As we see manufacturing and extractive industries morph into the knowledge economy many small towns and regions turn to their unique histories and natural beauty and resources to entertain and employ residents and to attract visitors and guests from out of the local market.

TWC recognizes the impact of such efforts, indeed the state of Maryland has grown its tourism industry to about $13B in annual revenue. TWC maintains, though, that although the history and natural features of a locale are the draw, the small businesses and service provides are ultimately the “product and service” that creates the experience and overall satisfaction level of guests and visitors.

A successful tourism effort involves more than just marketing the attractions of the vicinity; a successful effort involves the co-operation of all levels of state and local government and public services as well as the co-operative “buy-in” of all public works, safety, sanitation, park and museum operating and maintenance services, local transportation providers, hoteliers, restaurateurs, retailers, Chambers of Commerce, citizens groups, and small business owners. Marketing is the final piece of the puzzle once concept and execution of service is determined and assured.

TWC has experience in all aspects of the tourism industry including interaction and strategy with state and city governments and all participants down to individual small business owners. And, of course, TWC is all about the small business owner, their concept and level of operation, their participation in a tourism campaign and special events, and ultimately their prosperity and success as an individual participant in the big picture of creating a tourist destination that will win repeat visitors.

Tourism is a wide-ranging, all-inclusive industry that has to incorporate many institutions and organizations, and individual business owners to create enduring appeal for a destination. We invite interested parties to contact TWC for a collaboration, or at least, an initial discussion of how tourism is working as part of economic development.



  • Daily Rate - $1000.00
  • Hourly Rate - $125
  • Windshield assessment and tenant evaluation - $250.00
  • You plan the agenda - $125/hr.
  • Travel, expenses and per diem additional

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