Our Services

Our services consist of seminars, individual consultation, assessments and mentoring specifically tailored to your business needs.

Sunrise Seminar Series

One on One Consultations

  • Takes place at the owner’s business. Specific discussion about that business as the owner requests. All aspects of the operation can be explored. Lasts about 90 minutes.

Retail and Restaurant Checklists

  • Questionnaires that cover the specifics of the business. Often used prior to a store visit to facilitate the discussion.

Windshield Assessment and Gap Analysis

  • Reports that compare a town to other towns in the country from a visual, experience and amenity standpoint. We have visited 100’s of towns and know what works and what doesn’t. Gap analysis looks at the store and restaurant tenant mix. What do you not have and what do you have too many of?

Business Mentoring

  •  The Willson Company can be retained by an individual business to partner in the management of growth and ongoing sustainability of their business.


  • The Tourism Industry is an increasingly meaningful component of economic development in towns, counties, and states as economies continue to change.  TWC maintains that although the history and natural features of a locale are the draw, the small businesses and service providers are ultimately the “product and service” that creates the experience and overall satisfaction level of tourists.
  • TWC has experience with all participants in tourism including state and city governments down to individual small business owners.  And, of course, TWC is all about the small business owner.  We invite interested parties to contact TWC for a collaboration on how tourism is working as part of economic development.


  • With a variety of programs and options, pricing is dependent on each client’s needs. Contact us for a free personalized assessment to discuss the services that will best fit your business needs.